White Marble Metallic Epoxy FloorA white marble metallic epoxy floor is one of the most beautiful metallic floors. Ever. With the exotic look of real marble, a white marble metallic epoxy floor will make you feel as if your floor is the most valuable part of the room.

This particular white marble epoxy floor was installed in West Columbia, South Carolina at Gentlemen’s hair quarters. Needless to say, it’s an upscale place for guys to get their hair cut. While you can expect a great haircut, you can also expect to sip on a glass of fine whiskey or bourbon. You can even stick around for a game of pool or watch the big game on TV.

Glossy Floors will regularly receive phone calls asking how a white marble metallic epoxy floor can be achieved. Most of the calls we receive come directly from other metallic flooring professionals. If you’re a metallic flooring specialist that’s been in the industry long enough, you already know that metallic floors simply can’t be duplicated.

What made this particular floor so unique was the way the design came together. Starting with a completely white floor, we added as much black and silver metallic as we thought we needed. The safe way is to add as little black as possible. We can always add more later, but it can’t be removed once it’s placed on the floor.

We placed just enough black and silver within the pearl to give it an authentic marble-like appearance. Be sure to check out Epoxy FX if you’re looking to purchase materials.

Our customer was thrilled and so were we!

If you’re looking to have one of the most unique floors ever, give the flooring professionals at Glossy Floors a call. Please feel free to share our images on your social media sites.

White Marble Metallic Epoxy Floor