Xtreme FX Epoxy - The Best Epoxy For A Metallic FloorThe best epoxy for a metallic floor largely depends on the specific look you’re after. We love being able to point out that not all epoxies are made equally. Believe it or not, there are many generic brands of epoxy.

Having the best epoxy for a metallic floor also depends on how thick you can pour the epoxy you’re working with. Epoxy cures through an exothermic reaction, generating a lot of heat as it cures. In larger volumes, epoxy can really get hot (300+ °F).

With the right flooring epoxy, the manufacturer has addressed the exothermic issue with additives so the epoxy can be poured at thicker levels. Most metallic floors are poured between 70-80 square feet per gallon. While this creates an “OK” look, it’s not quite thick enough to give us the marbelized look we usually go for.

Our metallic floors are typically poured anywhere from 30-40 square feet per gallon. While there are several reasons for pouring that thick, we won’t go into the specifics of it here.

Pouring a metallic floor at 30-40 square feet can cause a problem for some companies. If they’re not using the correct epoxy for a metallic floor, it could heat up to the point where it ripples, or in extreme cases, could start smoking. It could also cause portions of the epoxy to remain soft.

Soft spots in the finished product wouldn’t be good at all. The only way to repair it would be to start the project over completely. So…

The Best Epoxy For A Metallic Floor

The Best Epoxy For A Metallic FloorSo what is the best epoxy for a metallic floor? Glossy Floors uses a product called Xtreme FX from a company called Epoxy FX. They have an epoxy that has truly lived up to its name. The effects are simply amazing!

It is a 100% solids epoxy with a 2:1 mix ratio which is normal for a metallic flooring epoxy. The two biggest differences with this epoxy are the viscosity and working time. I’m sure there are many differences from epoxies we’ve used in the past, but these two are the most noticeable.

With an average of 45 minutes working time, we’re sure to get the exact look we’re wanting to achieve. Usually a beautiful marbleized look. The lower the viscosity, the better the flow. The better the flow, the more natural the floor looks.

Another advantage with the Xtreme FX epoxy is the lack of bubbles we see on the floor. This is a huge factor in determining how well the epoxy lays down.

We’re going to fill you in on a little secret. Just because the epoxy has a 45 minute working time, it doesn’t mean we spend 45 minutes putting it on the floor. In fact, we spend less than 20 minutes actually working with the epoxy. This gives it more time to settle and marbelize.

The Bottom Line

Everybody says they have the best epoxy. Prove me wrong on that one and you’ll find someone who is selling something specifically for the money. By the way, Glossy Floors does not sell epoxy. We install metallic epoxy floors.

We’ve poured floors with “OK” epoxy and we’ve poured floors with what we feel is the “best” epoxy. Trust me when I say that an OK epoxy is more of a challenge than we’re willing to deal with. It’s way too unpredictable.

Our customers demand the best, and with Xtreme FX, that’s what we deliver!

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