Are Polished Concrete Floors Slippery?

Are Polished Concrete Floors Slippery?Are polished concrete floors slippery? It’s one of the most common questions we get because polished concrete looks wet. While polished concrete floors may look like they’re slippery because of their exquisite shine and beauty, they’re really no more slippery than some of the more popular stores you already shop at.

Don’t get me wrong, when a polished concrete floor is soaked with water, there’s always a chance you’re going to slip. That’s probably true with just about any type of floor.

When we polish the concrete in your home, warehouse or retail space, we have the option of placing a slip-resistant material in the final coat. This slip-resistant material is […]


Polished Concrete Floors – Uhaul

Polished Concrete Floors - U-HaulOur most recent polished concrete floors project comes from a U-Haul warehouse in Fort Smith, AR. It’s a 20,000 square foot facility that used to be the site of an old bowling alley. I’ve actually bowled there a couple of times when I was a child.

The polished concrete floors at the U-Haul warehouse turned out much better than anyone expected. In fact, there was talk about completely covering the floor at one point, but we knew we cold produce beautifully polished concrete floors.

Anything that could be wrong with this floor IS wrong with this floor. Most polished concrete companies would probably walk away from a job like this, but Glossy […]


What Is Polished Concrete?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What is Polished Concrete?You may have heard about polished concrete floors, but you may still be asking yourself, “What is polished Concrete?” The short answer is surprisingly simple. The long answer may take a little more time. Either way, if you would like to know what polished concrete is, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is in short, the changing of a concrete floors’ surface, with or without aggregate exposure, to achieve a specified level of gloss. We use the following classification to further define polished concrete; Bonded Abrasive Polished Concrete.

Bonded Abrasive Polished Concrete

A multi-step process where a concrete floor is mechanically ground, honed […]


Polished Concrete Project – Price Cutter

Price Cutter - Springfield Missouri - Polished Concrete ProjectHere is another polished concrete project from Glossy Floors. This polished concrete project will be a Price Cutter in Springfield, Missouri that was polished and finished to an 800 grit shine. While the concrete is absolutely beautiful, it was a long hard road to get there.

We had about a 25 day delay while the store was being painted. No, it didn’t take 25 days to paint the ceiling, but it did take the designers about 3 weeks to match the ceiling with an appropriate color that would compliment the stained polished concrete floors.

This specific Price Cutter was previously a Dillon’s grocery store. The floor was completely covered in tile which […]

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