Polished Concrete Floors – Branson Music Theater

Polished Concrete Floors - Branson Music Theater-20Our polished concrete company, Glossy Floors, had the privilege of installing polished concrete floors in one of Branson, Missouri’s most popular theaters, the Music City Centre.

One of America’s most popular vacation destinations since the 1970’s, Branson, Missouri has been full of family fun for years. As with most popular vacation spots in Branson, the older theaters have become somewhat outdated.

Recently, the new owners of the Music City Centre called Glossy Floors to see if their floor could be saved by way of polished concrete. Upon inspection, polished concrete floors seemed like an impossibility. There were some major cracks, holes that went all the way through the concrete and it seemed like […]


Polished Concrete Warehouse – Gallatin Fire Department

Polished Concrete Warehouse Floors - Gallatin Fire Department-9These polished concrete warehouse floors are from a very special project. They belong to the Gallatin Fire Department in Gallatin, Missouri. Gallatin is a farming community about 70 miles Northeast of Kansas City, Missouri.

It’s no secret that Glossy Floors has a strong passion for volunteer fire departments, so when the call came in from Gallatin, we offered them a deal they couldn’t resist. Once the polished concrete warehouse for the fire department was completed, Fire Chief Doug Hamilton is quoted as saying, “They’re absolutely perfect! It’s exactly what we were wanting!”

It’s comments like that, after the job is complete, that make it all worth while.

One of the first questions we get before a polished […]

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