Have you been thinking of getting polished concrete in your warehouse, retail store, garage floor or even in your living room? Have you ever wondered what it would look like? Use the Glossy Floors polished concrete visualizer to find out what your polished concrete could look like.

Visualize Your Polished Concrete Step-By-Step

Step 1: Choose The Polish Method

  • Topical polishing is a quick way to get your concrete polished, but could potentially need occasional maintenance to maintain it’s gloss.
  • Mechanical polishing is the only true polish. It requires a metal-bonded diamond to begin and ends with resin pads.

Step 2: Choose Aggregate Level

  • Cream polish shows little to no aggregate in the polished concrete floor
  • Small aggregate shows very little rock within the polished concrete floor
  • Large aggregate will show as much of the rock as possible in the final polished concrete floor.

Step 3: Choose Your Sheen Level

  • Matte finish has very little shine, but is a true polished concrete floor
  • Low sheen floors range from 200-400 grit
  • High sheen floors range from 400-800 grit
  • High gloss polished concrete floors are usually 1500-3000 grit, and are not any more slippery than your garage floor

Step 4: Choose Colors For Your Polished Concrete

  • Choose from a wide variety of colors.

Step 5: Choose Your Decorative Options

  • You can choose to have a logo embedded in your floor
  • See what decorative saw cuts might look like.

Step 6: Get Your Free Quote!

[iframe src=”http://www.glossyfloors.com/concrete-visualizer/index.php” width=”100%” height=”900″]

Our polished concrete visualizer is an excellent way to see just how many options there are with polished concrete. From the depth of the polish to saw cuts, colors and logos, these options help make your newly polished concrete the floor of your dreams!