The Winery Polished Concrete Showroom

The floor below is one of our all-time favorites. It was polished for Mr. Andy in Texas at the end of March 2019.

Mr. Andy wanted an exposed aggregate floor but had no idea what he was in for. The job was originally scheduled to start a couple of weeks before, but weather delays and scheduling prevented an on-time start. Mr. Andy, seeing the work we completed for previous customers, was willing to wait on Glossy Floors to polish his exposed aggregate concrete.

Jim, your work on our floors will be the highlight of our project! The finished product far exceeds any preconceived idea I had of the finished product. Your final product is beautiful. I am honestly blown away. I can’t say enough! Come and take a look if your in Stonewall, Texas, at Adega Vinho winery.

~ Andy

By the time we were finished polishing their showroom floor, Andy repeatedly told us how impressed he was. Even during the polishing process, we knew this floor was going to make it onto our polished concrete showcase page.

As with most of our polished concrete floors, this particular polished concrete showroom floor was densified multiple times and grouted after our last metal passes.

The clarity of this floor was a no-brainer for making it into our polished concrete showcase page. To date, this has been one of the most popular floors on our Facebook page.

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