Polished Concrete Showroom FloorOur Polished Concrete Showrooms page is a collection of our polished concrete showroom floors. These are polished concrete floors that have been specified by our customers as needing to be high-end, elegant, and as flawless as possible.

While each of our polished concrete floors has a place in our extensive library of completed jobs, only a select few will make it onto the Glossy Floors Polished Concrete Showrooms page.

Polished concrete showrooms, unlike regular polished concrete floors, require several steps that go above and beyond a normal polished concrete floor.

We have developed a proprietary concrete polishing system that creates a virtually flawless polished concrete showroom floor.

While many concrete polishing contractors have polished concrete floors that appear to be flawless, their pictures are usually taken while laying on the ground. This is what is known as a “belly shot” in the concrete polishing industry. While we take many “belly shots” to emphasize the reflection of a wall or certain lighting, our polished concrete showroom floors are 100% flawless from a standing position!

This type of polished concrete is a little more expensive compared to regular polished concrete floors. The average cost ranges anywhere from $6.00 per square foot to $15.00 per square foot.

The following pages have just a few of our polished concrete showroom floors. f you would like a free consultation, please feel free to contact us at any time. Call us Toll-Free at (888) 99 SHINE (888-997-7463)