[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”appear”]polished concrete restaurant floorsA polished concrete restaurant floor isn’t just about looks. While a polished concrete restaurant floor should look beautiful in order to impress customers, its primary functions are to look beautiful, be easy to clean and resist those pesky food and drink stains.

Glossy Floors has done many a polished concrete restaurant floors, but our latest comes from a new store near Tontitown, Arkansas called Tacos 4 Life Grill. We aren’t familiar with the restaurant just yet, but you can be assured we will be in the near future. We love tacos!

What was amazing about this particular polished concrete restaurant floor was how many holes we saw in the concrete after we initially started grinding. For typical polished concrete restaurant floors, you wouldn’t have air-entrained concrete, but this one appeared to have lots of air in it. Air-entrained concrete is usually reserved for exterior concrete where freeze-thaw conditions are present.

When we know we’re about to do polished concrete restaurant floors, it’s our job to make sure the floor is as tight as possible. Tight is a term we use to describe the smoothness of the floor. The tighter the floor, the less holes you’re likely to see. This floor was anything but tight. There were plenty of holes to be seen with the naked eye.

When you can stand up straight and see the holes in the floor, you know something has to be done.

The other bad thing about having so many holes in polished concrete restaurant floorsit takes away from the overall shine. Imagine having a mirror with hundreds of little pinholes in it. It wouldn’t give the same reflection as if it didn’t have the holes.

Needless to say, we used a special mix to fill in those holes and the result for our latest polished concrete restaurant floors is nothing less than spectacular!

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Polished Concrete Restaurant Floor

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