One of the questions we get asked most is, “Can cracked concrete be polished?” The simple answer is, yes. In the years since we’ve been polishing concrete, very few concrete slabs could not be polished.

Polished Concrete With Cracks

Can cracked concrete be polished?

Going into a little more detail, a cracked concrete slab can be polished if you’re willing to live with the results. The results being a visible crack in the concrete that you’re going to see day in and day out. You may be able to live with the cracks, but if your concrete has numerous patches as well, it may be time for a polished concrete overlay.

In some cases, a crack in a concrete slab can have a very beautiful “antiqued” look that can only be achieved through natural cracking.

For our customers wanting a polished concrete warehouse or a polished concrete floor in a shop, a polished concrete floor that’s cracked may have a certain appeal. Through staining, cracks can even be highlighted to add even more aesthetic  appeal.

However, we’ve seen polished concrete in an antique store where the owner of the store absolutely hated it. It comes down to personal preference and opinion. This particular customer opted to have a concrete overlay.

Concrete Cracks That Can Be Polished

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  • Hairline cracks
  • Cracks less than 1/4″ wide
  • Large cracks that have been properly repaired
  • Structural concrete cracks
  • Multiple cracks within a slab


Concrete Cracks That Cannot Be Polished

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  • Concrete cracks chipping from the substrate
  • Cracks that spider and show signs of delaminating from the substrate


As you can tell, most of the cracks within a concrete slab can be polished.

For the most part, if money is not an option, any concrete slab with cracks can be polished. Since money is usually an option, there are always going to be exceptions. Once again, it comes down to what you’re willing to live with.

Polished Concrete That's CrackedSometimes a concrete slab will develop cracks that appear to look like spider webs. Upon closer inspection, you may discover that these spider web cracks within the concrete are actually chunks of concrete that could be chipped off very easily. Lightly tapping the concrete with a solid object will allow you to hear the difference in solid concrete and concrete that has problems.

While concrete cracks that have spider webbed can in fact be polished, it may only be a matter of time before chunks of concrete start popping from the slab. Glossy Floors will always inspect these types of floors very carefully.

If a crack can be repaired, the slab can be polished. There aren’t many cracks that simply cannot be repaired. Glossy Floors has a number of crack repair systems available. No matter how big the concrete crack is, it can be repaired. The bigger question is, can you live with the way it looks once it’s been repaired and polished?

If you’re thinking about polished concrete floors and you have cracks, give the Glossy Floor professionals a call for a free on-site inspection. If you have a troubled concrete slab with cracks and patches, Glossy Floors has the solution! If your question, “Can cracked concrete be polished” hasn’t been answered, please feel free to call and speak to a representative.

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