Beautiful reflection on a Polished concrete garage floorA polished concrete garage floor is a great way to clean up the floor and add excellent light reflectivity. While the Glossy Floors team doesn’t always recommend polished concrete on a garage floor, it does have it’s advantages.

This particular customer has a 3 car garage that he wanted polished. He has a couple of high-end cars that he wants to showcase. If you’re confident that you’ll never have leaks of any kind, a polished concrete garage floor is an excellent way to go.

When we first met, he asked us point-blank if oil would be an issue if his 58′ Corvette leaked. The simple answer is yes. We explained to him that if one of his cars leaked oil, it would, in fact, most likely leave a stain. “It’s going to be a glossy stain, but a stain nonetheless.

He decided to move forward. He really wanted the glossy look of polished concrete as opposed to a coating.

After seeing the final product, he was really happy with his choice.

But wait! Are we saying that all polished concrete leaves oil stains? Not at all! There are many things we can do to prevent oils and other chemicals from penetrating polished concrete.

The idea is to completely seal the surface. It can be done, but the cost is usually much higher than traditional polished concrete. It also involves adding several topical sealers to the polished concrete floor. So yes, it can be done.

While a polished concrete garage floor may be a perfect solution for some, it isn’t always a practical choice. A great alternative would be epoxy floor coatings.

Polished Concrete Garage Floor

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