Polished Concrete ExpectationsPolished concrete expectations are usually based on what we see in pictures. Customers will base their polished concrete expectations on what is shown in a magazine or social media site.

The truth is, customers should base their polished concrete expectations on the existing condition of their concrete. Not all concrete is created equal.

Newly poured concrete will range in PSI from 3,000 to 5,000. While a typical residential house slab is poured between 3000 and 3500, this higher PSI tends to create more cream. That cream is essential in producing a good polished concrete floor.

Polished Concrete Expectations: Cracks

Your polished concrete expectations should consider how many, if any, cracks are in the concrete. This greatly impacts the visual aesthetics of the overall floor. As your concrete polishing company, we cannot magically make cracks disappear. We have a system that makes them extremely less noticeable, but they will always be there.

If one of your expectations is to have the cracks disappear, polished concrete is not for you. Only a concrete floor coating, with properly repaired cracks, can make them completely disappear.

Removing carpet leaves small holes from tack strips. This should also be considered. They are in the same category as cracks. We can repair the cracks, but they will always be there.

Polished Concrete Expectations: Tile Ghosting

Tile ghosting is a term used to describe the dark lines left behind once floor tile has been removed. This is a result of moisture being drawn from the concrete. Usually does not go away. It does not remove with staining. You can not grind it off.

Glossy Floors has done extensive testing trying to remove tile ghosting. In some cases where the tile was removed, there was absolutely no trace of ghosting. It’s not because we made it go away. It was the concrete itself.

Polished Concrete Expectations: Edges

If you have a polished concrete floor, you’ve had edgework done. Edging for polished concrete is an art. Concrete polishing companies are not magicians. We can only work with the concrete we have been given.

Concrete finishers will often times use too much water when finishing out their edges. The result is concrete discoloration. It will literally turn white in most cases. If putting color on the concrete is your cure, it may actually highlight the area.

A good concrete polishing company will typically do a great job blending it in, but it all depends on the concrete.

Polished Concrete Expectations: Scratches

Scratching usually happens when a concrete floor is extremely uneven. A professional concrete polishing company will usually have a technique for removing these scratches. Although scratches can be removed easily enough, an extremely unlevel slab will be a challenge. Expect to pay additional fees for highly unlevel concrete floors.

I’ll be adding to this article in the future. Until then, I hope your polished concrete expectations have been clarified.


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