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Metallic epoxy flooring topcoats are can either make or break a beautiful marble metallic epoxy floor. We have installed more than 70 metallic floors since we began installing them in 2002. The single hardest thing about metallic floors is the topcoat.

Marble metallic floors are absolutely the most unique floors in the world. You may find metallic floors that are similar in color, but you will never ever find two metallic floors that are exactly the same.

We believe Glossy Floors has taken marbleized metallic epoxy floors to a whole new level. From the unique epoxy that we use, to the unique metallic powders that have taken years to find. Each metallic epoxy floor is going to be unique.

Aside from being the most beautiful floors available for your home or place of business, there are certain expectations that need to be addressed before installation begins.

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Metallic Epoxy Floor Topcoats

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of metallic floor topcoats.

The above image is misleading if it’s not captioned with an explanation. Why? Because it has no topcoat. However, to be fair, the customer we did the floor for wanted it to remain shiny and epoxy, on its own, is too weak to protect itself. It requires a topcoat for long-term protection. Not to mention, epoxy will yellow without some sort of UV protectant.

Protecting your metallic epoxy floors comes at a cost. Shine. Don’t get me wrong, a satin finish on a marbleized epoxyfloor looks absolutely beautiful in my opinion. However, it does, in fact, need that protection!

Without a proper topcoat, your beautiful metallic floor will suffer the fate of scratches, minor dings and eventual loss of gloss.

The floor above has 5 coats of wax. It will need to be applied regularly in order to maintain its shine. If you have large open areas, it may not be so bad. However, having lots of rooms and lots of furniture equals lots of work.

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Glossy Topcoats

Glossy topcoats, so far, have proven themselves to be highly unreliable. There are more problems with installation than they’re worth. They can often leave “blushing”, “holidays”, or whatever manufacturers want to call them. Some even leave visible roller marks.

If they can’t be installed correctly, more research should be done in order to make a glossy topcoat that’s considered “user friendly”.

The Bottom Line

Satin topcoats are far more reliable. They may take the gloss factor down a bit, but at least your investment is fully protected. Why spend thousands of dollars on a unique and beautiful marbleized metallic floor only to leave it unprotected?

A properly installed satin finish will leave your floor beautiful, protected, chemical and scratch-resistant.

When a glossy topcoat becomes available, you can rest assured that Glossy Floors will start using it. Until then, we will protect your metallic floors with a beautiful satin topcoat that’s time-tested and proven to give years of enjoyment.

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