Glossy Floors ReviewsGlossy Floors Reviews

Based in Northwest Arkansas, Glossy Floors is a concrete polishing company and an epoxy flooring company. We’ve been providing our services to commercial and residential customers across the United States since 1987.

We take each one of our jobs serious. Extremely serious! In a day and age where company reviews can either make or break a company through social media, we strive to improve our business on a daily basis through knowledge and training. As our industry is continually finding new and improved ways to create beautiful floors, Glossy Floors works to perfect the old and embrace the new.

We are a customer focused company and our Glossy Floors Reviews page is designed to show you just how customer oriented we really are.

Before you make a decision based on fast talking sales people, we feel you should take a look at what actual customers are saying. Not just the reviews from Glossy Floors, but the reviews from any company in any industry. That’s why we have posted our Glossy Floors Reviews for all the world to see.

We like Facebook reviews better as it’s so much easier to tell when a Facebook review is fake. Fake reviews hurt our industry by giving potential customers a false sense of reality.

Please feel free to visit our Glossy Floors Facebook page and see what we’re all about. While we try to update our website as much as possible, our Facebook page is updated on a regular basis.

Glossy Floors Reviews from Facebook are listed below.

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