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Garage floor coatings are anything but boring! We offer hundreds of colors designed to complement any decor. See what makes us #1 in Northwest Arkansas.

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How It's Done

  • We Grind The Floor. Without grinding the concrete prior to installing a garage floor coating, the coating will eventually delaminate.
  • We Repair Cracks and Holes. This is done as part of the preparation for any garage floor coating.
  • We Apply A Colored Base Coat Primer. The color coincides with the flakes we use on the floor.
  • We Apply The Flake Color Of Your Choice. We use LOTS of flakes. We apply at a 100% coverage rate unless specified otherwise.
  • We Apply A Polyaspartic Topcoat. This is what provides the perfect protection for your garage floor.
  • We Apply A 2nd Polyaspartic Topcoat. Making sure we protect your investment!
  • You wait 12 hours to walk on it.
  • You wait 48 hours to drive on it.
  • You enjoy your new floor for YEARS to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

In almost 100% of the garage floors we’ve installed over the years, the process has taken 2 days.

The first day is filled with preparing the concrete, applying our base coat, and finally applying flakes to the base coat.

The second day includes removing (scraping) the excess flakes from the cured floor, vacuuming, and applying our 2 topcoats.


The bigger question is, “Will the repaired cracks stay gone forever?

We cannot guarantee cracks. A garage floor coating is only as good as what it’s put on top of. This includes cracks and holes.

If a home shifts, even slightly, a crack could reappear. While we do our absolute best to make sure they aren’t seen, it would be impossible to say they’ll never return.

The good news is that 99.3% of garage floors that had cracks repaired didn’t see them reappear after 5 years.

In short, we do not remove your personal items from the garage.

However, if you are unable to remove your personal items from the garage due to physical limitations, we will be more than happy to help relocate everything under your direct supervision or authorization.

We do not put your personal items back in the garage unless we have a prearranged agreement to do so because of physical limitations. In which case we will be more than happy to help under your direct supervision or authorization.

We suggest waiting for at least 48 hours before diving on your new garage floor coating. This enables the final topcoat to thoroughly adhere to the flakes/chips.

It is suggested to wait at least 24 hours before walking on your new garage floor coating. The final topcoat will be completely dry in 4 to 6 hours, but in order to make sure every part of the floor is dry (corners, closets, etc.) 24 hours would be best.

The short answer is no. Our standard topcoat installation comes with an excellent amount of slip resistance. If you require additional slip resistance assurance, please let us know when we give you the initial estimate.

While our first instinct is to tell you it doesn’t have an odor, we have grown quite used to it over the years.

Our epoxy coating doesn’t have a smell, but our topcoat does. If you have sensitivities to strong smells, please let us know. We have a way to eliminate the smell without compromising durability.

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