Equipment ChecklistThe equipment needed for polishing concrete can vary from job to job depending on the size and customer requirements. Don’t go into a concrete polishing project without the necessary tools to get the job done properly. The polishing machine and vacuum are just 2 of the necessary pieces of equipment needed for polishing concrete.

There are many steps to polishing concrete. Glossy Floors has written a comprehensive guide on how to polish concrete. It is suggested that you read and know the concrete polishing process before renting or even buying concrete polishing equipment.

When you rent concrete polishing equipment from Glossy Floors, we leave you with peace of mind. You’ll have everything you need to completely polish a concrete floor.

There are many things to consider when polishing concrete. Here are just a few:

  • Can the concrete be polished? Believe it or not, all concrete can be polished. It really comes down to pricing. If the concrete is bad enough, we can do a polishable concrete overlay that looks absolutely beautiful. It can cost anywhere from $9 to $15 per square foot though.
  • Do you have 208 3-Phase power? If you plug the machine into the existing electrical panel, turn it on and the voltage is incorrect, it will blow the machine circuit board beyond repair. The panel would cost about $4,800 to replace. Make sure you have the proper power requirement met or get a generator from a larger rental company.
  • Do you need to repair the floor? Sometimes before polishing a concrete floor, we’re required to repair holes, spalling, level uneven concrete and more.
  • How much time do I have to complete the job? Do I need to rent 2 machines or will a single machine take care of it?

Now that you’ve thought about what you’re doing, let’s dive right into the equipment needed for polishing concrete. The list we’re creating for polishing concrete floors is meant to be a step-by-step list of tools and equipment in the order used.

Equipment Needed for Polishing Concrete

  • Concrete polishing machine
  • Concrete vacuum
  • electrical cord
  • 208 3-Phase power (In-house or generator)
  • Edge Grinder with cups and pads
  • Dust shroud for hand grinder
  • Brooms, squeegees, dust pans, etc.
  • Metal diamonds
  • Resin diamond pads
  • Burnishing pads
  • Pump-up sprayers
  • Micro-fiber floor pads
  • Stain
  • Densifier
  • Stain Guard
  • Auto-Scrubber
  • Burnisher
  • Extension cords

Polishing concrete floors is an art. For most people, it takes years to fully understand what’s needed. Each concrete floor is different and no 2 floors will ever turn out the same.

While our list of equipment needed for polishing concrete can be overwhelming, it’s necessary in order to give your customer the best possible polished concrete floor.

Our concrete polishing equipment rental rates are not only the best in the industry, but our equipment is far superior. Our support professionals are ready to assist you on a moments notice, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

It is our desire to help you succeed in the concrete polishing business, so it’s in our best interest to provide you with the best possible customer support in the industry. Your success is our success!

Our concrete polishing equipment rental rates are as follows:

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