Epoxy on Restaurant FloorFrom the first time Glossy Floors used epoxy on a concrete floor, it was clear that no other material specifically made for concrete could match the uniqueness and durability that came with it.

Properly installed, epoxy floors are some of the most durable in the industry. From the unique epoxy garage floor to the ultimate epoxy basement, the epoxy flooring in the retail shopping store or even the epoxy living room, epoxy flooring is that special flooring option that is created specifically for each individual business or homeowner.

While Glossy Floors has many options for restoring concrete floors, epoxy floors are the top choice for its unique and appealing look. Aesthetics are a huge key factor when someone wants an epoxy floor. With a unique epoxy floor from Glossy Floors tailor made just for you, your epoxy floor will be the talk of the town. Of course, having the right contractor can make all the difference. Glossy Floors has the expertise to make sure your epoxy floor is done right the first time.

Do you have a retail business? With endless combinations of unique flooring styles, patterns and colors, you can turn a shopping experience for your customers into a day they’ll remember. You’ll be known as the store with the “cool looking floor”! How do we know? Because we’ve heard it before!

We can also place your company logo on the floor for all to see. It’s just one more unique way we can help you stand out above the crowd!

Glossy Floors is the only concrete company in Northwest Arkansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Missouri that has an online bid scheduling service built with you in mind! Simply fill out our online bid request form, choose a day and time most convenient to you and click submit. Jimmy Harmon, Glossy Floors owner, will show up at your designated time and day to give you a 100% free estimate!

If you’re in the market to have a concrete company put epoxy on your living room floor, basement floor, your place of business or any other concrete and you live in or around Northwest Arkansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma or Missouri, please give the professionals at Glossy Floors a call. We want to be your concrete contractor and your concrete company! We service residential, commercial and industrial customers.

We also have a low price guarantee: Show us a written bid from another concrete company bidding on the same product and we’ll match it! We make sure our overhead is low so the cost remains reasonable. Remember, for professional epoxy flooring installation, contact Glossy Floors.