Epoxy Flake Floor AdvantagesEpoxy flake floor advantages are more abundant than one might think. While we offer many types of floors to meet the needs of our customers, it’s important to understand that not everyone wants the same type floor.

For our customers who want the cheapest floor available, it may be because their employees are the only ones who will ever see it and it isn’t viewable to the general public. They have a specific need. We also have options for our customers who want only the best flooring option available. Different floor, different people, different circumstances.

Here we’re going to discuss the epoxy flake floor advantages.


As a general rule when we first visit with a customer, our goal is to listen as closely as possible to find out which flooring option might suit them best. When the option of an epoxy flake floor arises,  the consensus is they like the looks of them. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest epoxy flake floor advantages.

With an unlimited array of color combinations, it’s possible to match any type of home or business decor. While the interior of a home or the front entrance to a business is usually well maintained, homeowners and business owners alike are starting to realize they want everything to look good. That includes garage floors, bathrooms, commercial kitchens, etc.  The epoxy flake floor advantages are numerous, but let’s look at just a couple more.


Another one of the epoxy flake floor advantages is how uniform they look. They’re seamless, so the look of uniformity is guaranteed. Even with a mix and match pattern of different colors, an epoxy flake floor will still look extremely uniform.

Floor Imperfections

Before we install one of our epoxy flake floors, we grind the concrete to ensure maximum adhesion. If your flooring contractor isn’t grinding the floor before installing an epoxy floor of any kind, it will most certainly fail.

During the grinding process, we repair the floor to fill in any major holes, cracks, etc. One of the most important epoxy flake floor advantages is its ability to hide imperfections. There is always going to be something on the floor that doesn’t look quite right, but a well-installed epoxy flake floor will fill in and hide those imperfections as if they never even existed. When it comes to epoxy flake floor advantages, this is a big one.

Epoxy Flake Floor Advantages

These are just a few of the advantages of an epoxy flake floor. We could go on by telling you they’re slip resistant, available for outdoor applications, can have multiple colors, can have logos on them and can be installed on wood surfaces. Contact us to get more information on the epoxy flake floor advantages.

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