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Thank you for your interest in working with Glossy Floors. Please take a moment to fill out our employment application. Once received, someone will review your information and respond as soon as possible.

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Job Requirements

Before you get started, you should answer a few simple questions to see if you qualify.

Without your own vehicle, it would be almost impossible to work with Glossy Floors.

We do not have a set 9:00 am - 5:00 PM schedule that would allow you to rely on someone else driving you to and from work. We also do not work at the same location every day.

Please feel free to call Jim at (479) 685-6395 if you feel having your own vehicle won't be an issue.

While most of our work is located within 50 miles of Northwest Arkansas, we do, on occasion travel much further. We have completed jobs in Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, and South Dakota. Just to name a few.

Sometimes we travel just a couple of hours away and will need to stay out of town for a couple of nights.

Please feel free to call Jim at (479) 685-6395 if you have circumstances that need to be considered.

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