We never knew making diagonal concrete wood floor would be such a big deal! To us, it was just another beautiful flooring option. A really, really good flooring option, but nonetheless, a flooring option. As it turns out, it isn’t just a flooring option to most people. It’s becoming a trend we’re starting to see more and more of.

The unique diagonal concrete wood floor you see below is as unique as our customers. With the ability to hand craft each project with specific colors, you can have a concrete wood floor that matches any style home.

Diagonal Concrete Wood Floor

Since we posted pictures of our last Concrete Floors That Look Like Wood project, we have received phone calls from all over the country. Mostly contractors wanting to know how we pulled off such a beautiful wood floor, but we’ve also had several very lucrative offers to create the same floor in other parts of the country. Our diagonal concrete wood floor is proving to be just as popular around the country.

The homeowners for our most recent concrete floor that looks like wood had the same problem our last customer had. They wanted to bring their pets in the home without the worry of carpet getting stained and possibly ruined. No matter what products you use, once your carpet has been soiled, it’s tough to get out the stains and smells.

Our concrete wood floors are not only beautiful, but each floor is a handcrafted piece of art. Each wooden plank is hand stained to perfection using a variety of colors specified by our homeowners. From traditional wood floors to antique and rustic. There’s a floor for every taste and lifestyle.

What are the advantages of a diagonal concrete wood floor?

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  • The biggest advantage to having a concrete wood floor is the longevity. You’ll never have to worry about the boards separating, buckling or coming loose.
  • There will never be a need to have the concrete wood floors refinished. If your floor ever starts to lose its shine, simply put a coat of wax on it, and it will look like it was the day it was completed!
  • The value of a home can dramatically increase by having concrete wood floors. It is estimated that adding wood floors to you home can increase the overall value by 20% – 25%.
  • You’ll never have to worry about mold and mildew on our concrete wood floors. Carpet, tile and laminate floors are a breeding ground for mold, mildew and dust mites.
  • Concrete wood floors are the perfect solution for allergies.


Have you been thinking about getting wood floors in your home? Maybe a diagonal concrete wood floor? Maybe you’ve thought about it, but were afraid the price was going to be too high. Most custom wood floors can range from $10 – $18 per square foot, but our pricing structure for our diagonal concrete wood floor will suit just about any budget.

If you’re in the market for a diagonal concrete wood floor, you can contact us by email or call us. For added convenience, we offer an online bid request form that only takes a minute. You can schedule the day and time when you’d like to receive a bid request, and we’ll be there to give you a 100% free estimate.