If you’re looking to get your concrete polished, we have some great design ideas for polished concrete that we’re sure you’re going to love! Designing a polished concrete floor is more about imagination than it is with any other type of flooring option.

At one point, polished concrete designs used to be limited by the color of the stain in the polished concrete or by different colors in different rooms. With the advancement of coloring and staining options, polished concrete designs have made leaps and bounds.

Pictures Of Polished Concrete Designs

Design Ideas For Polished Concrete

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  • Borders are the a great way to highlight colors
  • Rooms can have shapes as designs in the polished concrete
  • You can place your logo in your polished concrete floor
  • A favorite team logo
  • Concrete can be ground down to expose the aggregate
  • Intricate designs can show off your elegant style
  • Embed items such as special rocks, shells, etc. to be exposed later
  • Cracks can be incorporated into the design


Each room in your home or place of business can be as unique as you are. One of the easiest ways to showcase a room is with a border all the way around the perimeter. Borders can be any size you desire and can be stained in order to highlight the inside or the outside color. Either way you choose, a polished concrete room with a border is a great way to add beauty to an otherwise dull floor.

In the past, Glossy Floors has etched shapes within a polished concrete floor. The shapes can be circular, square, triangle or any other shape you can think of. Design ideas for polished concrete floors that include shapes are easily manipulated by staining the shapes different colors, creating multiple shapes within the same room or combining shapes and stains to create that one of a kind look.

For those of you who have a business and are wanting design ideas for polished concrete, one of the best options is placing your logo in your polished concrete floor. Nothing says unique like having your customers see your logo stained within a polished concrete floor. From simple wording to intricate designs, a logo is the perfect way to decorate your polished concrete floor. Have a favorite sports team? Place their logo in your polished concrete floor!

Large Aggregate Polished Concrete FloorExposing the aggregate in different areas of your polished concrete floor can greatly enhance any design. Properly exposed aggregate in polished concrete is one of the most beautiful design options available. It shows just how truly beautiful polished concrete can be. It also shows off the amount of skill and patients your polished concrete flooring contractor has. It’s not an easy floor to accomplish, but the end result is absolutely beautiful!

If you can plan it out in advance, items such as big rocks, glass, metal, glow in the dark rocks, shells, etc. can be embedded into the concrete during the initial pour. When the concrete is polished, it can be ground down to expose these items, creating one of the most unique polished concrete floors you’ll ever see!

We have lots of design ideas for polished concrete, but your imagination is the key to a unique polished concrete floor that you can be proud of for years to come!

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If you would like to see how your floor would look with polished concrete, visualize your polished concrete with our polished concrete visualization tool.

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