Homes that have carpet over concrete floors can easily have our famous concrete wood floors™. For those of you with animals, you’ll be happy to know that concrete wood floors™ are easy to maintain and you don’t need a cleaning crew to come in if one of your pets has an “accident.”

Cracks on the floor? Not to worry! Cracks are completely repaired and will not show through the concrete wood floors™.

Concrete floors that look like wood are not only unique, but the benefits are almost endless when compared to real wood floors.

Each concrete wood plank is hand stained to perfection with a coloring technique known only to Glossy Floors. This is what gives each of our concrete wood floors™ that unique wood floor look.

While it looks like it could be hard on the feet, it’s no more rough than real wood floors!

If you’re in the market for a custom wood floor but you don’t want to pay top dollar for imported wood from Italy, go ahead and give the professionals at Glossy Floors a call. You can contact us directly or schedule a bid right online. You pick the day, you pick the time and we’ll show up to give you a 100% free estimate.

The wood floor in this particular home was installed in 3 bedrooms, 4 closets and the living room.

When going from one room to the next, the concrete floors that look like real wood are installed to give the appearance that it is a continuous wood floor. Although it can be stopped from one room to the next, installing our floors this way makes them look even more real.

Concrete Floors That Look Like Wood™