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White Marble Metallic Epoxy Floor

White Marble Metallic Epoxy FloorA white marble metallic epoxy floor is one of the most beautiful metallic floors. Ever. With the exotic look of real marble, a white marble metallic epoxy floor will make you feel as if your floor is the most valuable part of the room.

This particular white marble epoxy floor was installed in West Columbia, South Carolina at Gentlemen’s hair quarters. Needless to say, it’s an upscale place for guys to get their hair cut. While you can expect a great haircut, you can also expect to sip on a glass of fine whiskey or bourbon. You can even stick around for a game of pool or watch the big game on TV.

Glossy Floors will […]


What Is The Best Epoxy For A Metallic Floor

Xtreme FX Epoxy - The Best Epoxy For A Metallic FloorThe best epoxy for a metallic floor largely depends on the specific look you’re after. We love being able to point out that not all epoxies are made equally. Believe it or not, there are many generic brands of epoxy.

Having the best epoxy for a metallic floor also depends on how thick you can pour the epoxy you’re working with. Epoxy cures through an exothermic reaction, generating a lot of heat as it cures. In larger volumes, epoxy can really get hot (300+ °F).

With the right flooring epoxy, the manufacturer has addressed the exothermic issue with additives so the epoxy can be poured at thicker levels. Most […]

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