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Here are some of our best Before and After pictures. Get rid of that ugly garage floor! Glossy Floors has you covered with more than 30 years of experience in the industry! We have unlimited color choices and we have a proven track record that has stood the test of time! Give us a call at (479) 270-5000 or fill out the form below.

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This image showcases one of our most remarkable transformation projects. The original flooring work was undertaken by a local contractor who persuaded the property owner to bypass concrete grinding before installation as a cost-saving measure. The client was billed at $4 per square foot and required to provide an […]


Arkansas Polished Concrete Shop Floor

Arkansas Polished Concrete Shop FloorA Polished Concrete Shop Floor, believe it or not, can make life in the shop much easier. This is a recent shop floor that was polished by the Glossy Floors team in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The floor was almost 6,000 square feet and the total amount of time on the project was 4 days.

Floors that are being used in the Arkansas area for the sole purpose of working on equipment or other machinery can benefit from polished concrete.

The primary benefit of a polished concrete shop floor is the ease with which it can be cleaned. We’ve polished thousands of square feet of concrete in Arkansas, and the one thing our owners have in common is a […]


Polished Concrete Warehouse Floor Springfield


Polished Concrete Warehouse SpringfieldA recent polished concrete warehouse floor in Springfield, Missouri. This was an 18,000 square foot project that was completed in 6 days.

This particular floor was in extremely bad condition before the Glossy Floors crew arrived. Years and years of neglect left a floor that was in desperate need of TLC.

The Glossy Floors team went to work removing multiple layers of tile. Once the tile was removed from the floor, it was easy to see why it was covered with multiple layers. There were numerous holes and cracks that would need to be filled and repaired before the concrete warehouse floor could be polished.

With the repairs made, and the joints properly filled, we began the polishing […]


White Marble Metallic Epoxy Floor

White Marble Metallic Epoxy FloorA white marble metallic epoxy floor is one of the most beautiful metallic floors. Ever. With the exotic look of real marble, a white marble metallic epoxy floor will make you feel as if your floor is the most valuable part of the room.

This particular white marble epoxy floor was installed in West Columbia, South Carolina at Gentlemen’s hair quarters. Needless to say, it’s an upscale place for guys to get their hair cut. While you can expect a great haircut, you can also expect to sip on a glass of fine whiskey or bourbon. You can even stick around for a game of pool or watch the big game on TV.

Glossy Floors will […]

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