Stained Concrete or Concrete Overlay

Carpet Tack Strip HolesStained concrete is one of the most beautiful flooring options available. When there’s existing carpet on the floor that needs to be removed, there’s usually the problem of what to do with those pesky tack strip holes.

As you can tell from the picture on the right, tack strip holes can be quite large. When you’re going from carpet to stained concrete, these holes can appear much larger than they really are. While most tack strip holes are the size of dimes, once you’re concrete is stained, they can stand out so much, you’ll swear they’re the size of a half dollar!

For some, the holes just […]


Polished Concrete Comparison Chart

Polished Concrete Comparison ChartGlossy Floors has prepared a polished concrete comparison chart so you can easily compare Polished Concrete with some of the most common flooring materials used today.

Decorative polished concrete offers a number of advantages that other flooring materials can’t match, particularly when it comes to durability, performance and sustainability. Here, we compare polished concrete floors with some of the most popular alternatives.

A good polished concrete comparison chart will help you decide which flooring option is best for you.

We realize that each scenario is different. A polished concrete floor may not work for everyone. Our goal here is to help you learn about the many value added benefits polished concrete has to offer. We get many calls about […]


Does Decorative Concrete Need A Sealer?

Sealer For Decorative Concrete FloorsThe simple answer is yes. Of course, there are no real simple answers when it comes to decorative concrete.

When talking about stained concrete floors, the bottom line is the decorative concrete installation isn’t truly complete without the application of a quality sealer. Taking the time to put down a layer (Usually one or more coats) of protection not only prolongs the life of our beautiful handiwork, but it is also designed to enhance and preserve the stained concrete appearance.

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  • Concrete sealer will enrich the color intensity of the concrete (Both interior and exterior). The color of the decorative concrete, […]

The Steps To Polished Concrete

Here are a few of the steps it takes to have polished concrete Floors in your warehouse, residential home, commercial or industrial buildings. Each picture shows a higher grit polish. We start by “opening” up the floor with the first grit. This first step is designed to help level the floor, open up the pores in the concrete and remove any stubborn stains and debris.

From here, each step becomes increasingly smooth with a higher grit polishing diamond. It’s the same principle as sanding wood. Each grit makes the wood smoother.

Take a look at the steps below and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

For more information on our polished concrete flooring services, please feel free to […]


What’s The Difference Between Terrazzo and Polished Concrete

Very Dull Terrazzo Floor - The difference between terrazzo and polished concreteSo, what’s the difference between terrazzo and polished concrete? The difference between terrazzo and polished concrete is the cement-to-aggregate ratio. That’s probably the biggest difference anyway.

Cementitious terrazzo is minimum 70 percent marble-chip material and 30 percent cement matrix (with a Portland cement binder). This is pretty much the opposite of regular concrete, which is around 70 percent cement (including fly ash or slag) and 30 percent aggregate (sand and rock).

When placed, terrazzo is poured and troweled about 1/2-inch thick over a low-strength concrete bed. It is then ground flat, honed, and sealed with a penetrating solvent-based sealer.

Terrazzo […]

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