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Arkansas Polished Concrete Shop FloorBentonville polished concrete floors are the most durable floors Glossy Floors has to offer. With more than 30 years of experience, we design Bentonville polished concrete floors to last a lifetime.

High-performance polished concrete floors will help you in getting the most out of your flooring space. We offer commercial concrete polishing as well as residential polished concrete flooring.

Glossy Floors has polished the worst possible concrete and the best possible concrete. We have yet to encounter a concrete slab in Bentonville that couldn’t be polished!

Glossy Floors has covered the Bentonville polished concrete flooring industry in extreme durability and value.

Our polished concrete floors can be stained (dyed) a wide variety of colors with many designs and styles to choose from. Our experienced concrete polishing team can help you design the perfect flooring options to meet your needs and your budget.

Bentonville Polished Concrete Flooring

  • Low-maintenance and upkeep to save you both time and money
  • A wide selection of colors and designs to choose from
  • Professional installation from highly-trained crews
  • Exceptional customer service and support
  • Easy to clean concrete floors
  • A polished surface that doesn’t scratch
  • A shiny floor designed to last forever
  • A glass-like floor that’s waterproof
  • Nothing to peel, fade or damage

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What Type Of Flooring Are You Interested In?

Commercial Polished Concrete Flooring

Commercial polished concrete floors have a serious advantage. Our commercial floor polishing is exceptionally durable. That means your customers are will see a polished floor that looks great while you do very little to maintain it. Our Bentonville commercial polished concrete floors are built to withstand abrasions, heavy machinery, and more. The design possibilities for concrete polishing in Bentonville are truly endless. As a result, you have many options available for your specific commercial flooring needs.

Commercial polished concrete can be found in places like:

  • Showrooms
  • Retail Shopping Spaces
  • Lumber Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and more!

Retail Polished Concrete Floors

Retail polished concrete floors are stronger than ever. Making a first impression on potential customers is easy with a polished floor. While first impressions are great, you’re probably more worried about the amount of time you or your employees spend on floor maintenance. Rightfully so.

Polished concrete for the retail industry is so popular because you’ll never have to worry about:

  • Fading colors
  • Peeling tile or wood
  • Damage from falling items
  • Scratching

Reclaim your retail floor space, and get the Bentonville commercial floor space you’ve always wanted. Our design specialists can help you can choose the right floor for your space.

Glossy Floors has Bentonvile, Arkansas commercial concrete polishing covered! Be sure to look at our Facebook Page for the very latest with Glossy Floors.

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