Are Epoxy Flake Floors Smooth? Fayetteville Garage Floor Coatings Company.

If you’re wondering if epoxy flake floors are smooth, you’ve come to the right place.

Believe it or not, it’s one of our most asked questions in regards to our epoxy flake floor installations.

If you take a look closely at the picture of one of our recent epoxy flake floors, you can see it has somewhat of a texture to it. But, it’s a smooth texture.

While the flakes themselves add texture, It’s not enough to consider the floor non-slip. It still needs a little help in becoming slip-resistant.

Glossy Floors adds an additive called Aluminum Oxide in our final topcoat.

Aluminum Oxide is an extremely fine powder that we use on everything from garage floors, kitchens, animal shelters, showrooms, etc. I’m sure you get the idea.

It’s necessary to make sure the epoxy flake floor isn’t going to become an ice skating rink.

Aluminum Oxide Powder for Slip-Resistance. Bentonville Garage Floor Coatings.Does Aluminum Oxide Change The Look?

The simple answer is yes and no. I’m horrible, I know, but honestly, it depends on which type of flooring we’re referring to.

If we use aluminum oxide on an epoxy flake floor, you’ll never notice. It’s such a fine powder that it blends in with the overall look of the floor.

Using it on a metallic floor is another story. It actually produces a satin finish.

You could opt not to use it on your metallic floor, but we can tell you from experience that it will indeed become a skating rink anytime you’re wearing socks.

We’re planning on having another article about aluminum oxide and metallic floors. If you’re considering a metallic floor, you’ll want to make sure you read up on that one.

The Bottom Line

So, are epoxy flake floors smooth? Yes, they are.

You can feel the slight texture of the flakes with your hands, but they’re smooth. You could most definitely walk on the floor with your bare feet and not worry about the flakes poking you.

While the aluminum oxide provides some slip-resistance, you still need to proceed with caution with a wet surface.

If you need a floor that is guaranteed not to be slippery, give us a call. We have flooring options to suit any application you may have.

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