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Stained Polished Concrete House Floor

Stained Polished Concrete stained polished concrete Stained Polished Concrete House Floor Stained Polished Concrete 6 300x225Stained Polished concrete floors aren’t just for commercial showrooms and large lumber stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot anymore. This is a floor we completed in a residential setting in Southeast Missouri.

It’s an unusual home, but one of the best floors we’ve ever produced. Stain polished concrete is simply amazing when done properly. Stained polished concrete floors will always turn out different because, as we’ve said many times, no two concrete slabs will ever react the same way to staining. Some may show more marbling while others may show a more solid color.

These particular stained polished concrete floors were stained black. Black stain goes with just about any residential home decor. The only real downside to having black stained polished concrete is it has a tendency to show a little more dust than other colors. Not a problem if the floor is maintained at least once per week.

The reflection in this stained polished concrete home is absolutely phenomenal. It has great clarity and that’s always our number one goal when polishing concrete to a high shine.

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